Saying Goodbye, One Step At A Time – TOLAD

Strolling Out and Scattering Ashes The TOLAD Way

When a loved one dies there can be a longing for “one last…..”  Often this can be one last walk with them or visit to a favourite beauty or picnic spot.  Some families choose to do this in order to scatter ashes  and we are finding that an increasing number of families are preferring to scatter ashes in a more ecologically friendly way than they perhaps would have done in the past.

Most people, unless they have done it before, expect when they scatter ashes that the ash will be fine, like children’s play sand.  So, it comes as rather a shock to find that it is not.  It does not always just scatter where you would like it to do and it can prove heavy to carry.

There is an ingenious solution to this, and it is appropriately named “TOLAD”.  TOLAD stands for “Totem of Life and Death” and what it actually consists of is a cleverly constructed walking stick into which you put the ashes and then as you walk along, as and when you want to you depress the stick and it deposits a small amount of the ashes onto the ground.  It can carry enough ash for 400 depressions of the stick.

Many families find this an incredibly comforting way of scattering ashes because they can do it as a family without just one person distributing the ashes.  Some families take a celebration of life walk – perhaps along a favourite trail – and take it in turns depressing the stick, sharing a favourite memory of their loved one as they walk.

Along with TOLAD comes access to their free app where you can create a personalised memorial page which enables family and friends to follow your walk via GPS tracking and also to contribute memories and even photos to the memorial page.

Why not take a walk with one family as they say a final farewell on a forest walk in the video below?

In the Yorkshire area, you can purchase TOLAD from Emerson’s Memorials in York, G R Pinder in Scarborough, G H Wriglesworth in Hull, J Burns in Selby, Tyas & Tyas in Doncaster and J Rotherham Branches in Driffield and Barnsley.

The TOLAD comes in a choice of three colours, is priced at £180 and you can also find them in this section of the Mindful Memorials website:


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