Today we have a post from guest writer Judith Morris, Proprietor of York Tutors, as the name suggests based in York.  Prior to joining York Tutors Judith worked in the design industry before switching to accounting. She left work in 1978 to marry Malcolm and dedicate her time to raising their daughter Sheena who was swiftly joined by a younger sister Rebecca. Once the girls were in full-time education Judith chose to return to work by joining York Tutors.
On writing for “A Monumental Muse”, Judith tells us: “When Sharon asked me if I would like to contribute,
I was a little taken back but then I thought ‘why not’?”
We recently, at the end of February, lost my father in law at the great age of 95, and whilst the last year of his life was not easy, as he could do less and less and consequently became more and more grouchy, he was still my lovely husbands Dad, our girls Grandad and my Father in law with whom I spent a lot of time when my husband was still working, taking him to various hospital appointments etc so his loss has left a big hole in the family.

However, as a strong Catholic with a great belief in the afterlife, I have been sustained and I love graveyards/cemeteries – I really do and love wandering around them, reading the headstones, imagining the lives that these people who were obviously so loved had lived. I hate the thought of being cremated and scattered – this is a personal thing as I think that’s it, you are gone – and I do want to live forever, at least in someone’s eyes.

Choosing our headstone for my husband’s parents brought great joy to me, as I imagine someone in 100 years wandering through, stopping and reading it and for a moment, they are alive again – isn’t that a wonderful thought?
When I am wandering now, I look and can learn so much about not just that family, their lives but also our history.
Sometimes just seeing how many little ones passed over in certain years tell us there was an epidemic at that time, or in that particular family they had amazing genes as they all lived past 80 – there is so much to learn.
I also think we are honouring them as we gaze at the final resting place, thinking about them, saying a little prayer
and remembering.
These fabulous places are also full of flora, wild and cultured alike and benefit us all who live in cities and could be a
lovely place to take our children for them to accept cemeteries as part of life.
So, when you next have a few free hours go and have a look round – you might not get the same feelings I do, but then again, you just might. 
Thank you to Judith Morris, Proprietor, York Tutors  We will be hearing more from Judith, together with an insight into exactly what York Tutors do and offer later this week.

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